Jump into the fray!

Paintball is not an ordinary “shooting”. Each mission requires the players to act carefully, organize tactics and cooperate in a team.

Scenarios ensure variety and interesting course of each game.
Thanks to them, you will move with your team to the battlefield and feel like a real soldier.

It is a huge dose of emotions and adrenaline, and winning is a great satisfaction.


Team Deathmatch
  • Players are divided into two teams.
  • The main goal of the game will be to eliminate all players from the opposing team by hitting them with a clear shot in the body.
  • A shot on a marker and a ricochet do not count as an on-target hit.
  • The team with the longest stay on the field battle, wins game one!
  • Every game, we change the starting sides so that both teams have similar chances of playing out.
Injured hostage
  • The scenario is to transport an injured hostage that is waiting for both teams in the middle of the battlefield.
  • After transporting the hostage to your base, you have to defend it for at least 2 more minutes.
  • Opponents still have a chance of winning by bouncing hostage.
  • If you can withstand this pressure from the other team, you win!
Castle defence
  • The team in the castle is surrounded by the opponent.
  • The group's task is to hold the position for 8 minutes.
  • They cannot let the enemy throw a bomb into the center of the castle for them.
  • At the start of the game, each attacking player gets a bomb.
  • You have to throw in only one of them to win the game.
Capture the flag
  • Players are divided into two teams.
  • Each group of competitors has a base with a flag.
  • The group wins when it captures the opponent's flag and carries it to its starting base.
  • The object of the game is to eliminate as many players as possible.
  • There is an "everyone for everyone" rule, you are on your own!
  • The game continues until all players are excluded.
  • The one who stays on the battlefield the longest wins!